Q: what payment options does hai accept?

A: At this time, we accept cash only for both delivery and in-store purchases.

Q: How much can I possess?

A: Patients can possess 6 plants and 8oz of flower or more depending on medical needs. Adults 21+ can possess 6 plants, 1oz of flower and 8g of concentrates.

Q: Where can I smoke?

A: It is illegal to smoke cannabis in public and must be 1000 feet away from schools. All cannabis products must be consumed in your home.

Q: Can I take cannabis with me on a plane?

A: It is illegal to transport cannabis of any amount by plane, even if it is medicinal. This includes trips within state borders and to other states that have legalized cannabis. The transportation Security Administration, or TSA, defers to federal law, which still classifies marijuana as a schedule I illegal drug.

Q: Do I need a California ID to purchase recreational marijuana?

A: You will need a valid government-issued ID. It can be from any state. Drivers licenses, military IDs with a photo and date of birth and passports issued by the US or other country all work.

Q: Can I get arrested?

A: Yes, you can still get arrested for committing marijuana related crimes.

Other Questions?

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